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Strong like a woman: my collaboration with Dar Fatyme

Strong like a woman: my collaboration with Dar Fatyme

When I started exploring the maze that is Instagram a couple of year ago, I stumbled upon Dar Fatyme’s incredible creations. It started with cushions and they were the perfect mix between classic western aesthetic and Moroccan Amazigh culture, I just fell in love and I knew we had a special link. Since then, I witnessed the blossoming of Hasnâa’s art and her incredible ability to intertwine pop and modern elements with a millennia-old culture rich in symboles. 

Dar Fatyme is born from Hasnâa’s overflowing imagination, after the loss of her mother Fatyme. Her beautiful creations are a tribute to her mother and her Amazigh origins and aim to infuse both the Amazigh aesthetic and culture to the Moroccan interiors. Her colourful and rich collages mix vintage pictures with architectural and natural elements and are an ode to women.

Hasnâa is one of the reasons I finally started exploring my own creativity and inspired me to take a leap of faith. This collaboration is the result of a mutual admiration and our desire to shed a different light on women.

It was naturally that we decided to represent the Amazigh woman, to celebrate her strength and creativity. Amazigh women live and work closely together, in an empowering union. They create magnificent rugs, beautiful embroidered scarves and embellish their homes with bright colours and intricate symbols. They spend time expressing themselves creatively and make a living from their creations and hard work.

The Arabic text مرا و ڭادة is a popular Moroccan saying meaning “capable woman” and is written in Moroccan Darija, which is the language spoken in Morocco and is an Arabic dialect influenced by Amazigh languages.


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