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Mphatso's Story - Animation

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Mphatso contraception

This animation is the result of a collaboration between IPAS, PositiveNegatives and the London School of Economics sharing research results of the MRC/FCDO-funded research project, “Improving adolescent access to contraception and abortion-related care” led by Professor Ernestina Coast. The story is for the research partners and adolescents themselves, who shared their experiences of safe and unsafe abortion care-seeking with the research team. 

Mphatso's story Sakina Saidi


character design


The animation is available in English and Chichewa on PositiveNegatives' website. A “comics” version is available too.

Mphatso character design
Scriptwriter: Singalilwe Chilemba
Illustration & creative direction: Sakina Saidi
Animation & creative direction: Elmaz Ekrem
Voice talents: Tiseke Chilim, Theodora Chapeta, Kelvin Zalimba, Yesaya Nkhwazi
Sound design & music: Rowan Bishop
Research and development: Luke Tembo, Tamara Fetters, Professor Ernestina Coast
Research and production: Dr Laura Price, Emily Oliver