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Packaging & Branding

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Illustration & collaboration on a limited edition candle with Subluceo

Sakina packaging illustration

I had the opportunity to collaborate on the scent as well as to create a bespoke packaging illustration for this limited edition candle. I wanted to include my favourite scent of all times, orange blossom which reminds me of the summer days spent in Morocco with my parents. Orange blossom water has a special place in my heart and in the Moroccan tradition, it's a sign of welcome and it is associated with good luck so it's used in all the important ceremonies but also in everyday life.

The white floral buds on the bitter orange tree open slowly releasing the rich, heady, and exotic aroma of the Orange Blossom. Paired with earthy and herbaceous Clary Sage, this fresh floral blend transforms the atmosphere bringing feelings of relaxation, calm & clarity.

Moroccan Bloom candle

Sakina artwork candle


Subluceo - Moroccan blossom


Illustration for Blossom 

Blossom - lifestyle illustration