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Plan International UK

Sakina for Plan International

Campaign concept, art direction and illustration for Plan International UK to celebrate a milestone donation. People’s Postcode Lottery players have raised £10 million for Plan International UK since December 2017. 

 Plan UK map poster

The map concept has been brought to life through a short animated video giving more details about each step along this journey. Animation by Elmaz Ekrem

I created a series of postcards featuring the portraits and story of four amazing young people who came across Plan International UK at some point in their life: Nyalat, Jess, Sohagi and James. 

Portrait poscards

The following illustration builds on the idea of the path started on the map. Here we're focusing on coming together to build a better community. The artwork was used to create notebooks to be sent out to the staff of Plan UK and People Postcode Lottery as a thank you and a message of hope.

together we can go far Sakina Saidi

Following the success of the campaign, I was asked to create a design for Plan International UK strategy notebook. I adapted the concept to compliment the branding and integrated the elements from the strategy documentation.

Plan UK strategy notebook design